Did you know that the temperature of electrical current can fluctuate. This temperature difference can loosen wires in your electrical panel overtime. As part of a yearly routine household maintenance check, shut off the main breaker and make sure all screws in the grounding bar are tight. Loose screws cause loose connections to circuits, which in turn could cause excessive heat and lead to fire.

Light Up Your Yard for Summer Entertainment

Spring is the perfect time to start thinking about jazzing up your yard for upcoming summer festivities. From fancy patios to tree-lined country yards, the right outdoor lighting can help you meet an array of needs, including illumination that makes tasks easier, sets the mood, and keeps your family and guests safe.

Mixed Lighting

Mixed lighting can create a truly magical effect throughout your property. Professional installation can save you time and money, conveniently planning and tapping

Uplights in planting beds spotlight larger trees and shrubs from underneath.

Downlights conveniently spotlight stairs and seating areas.

Stair Lights and Strip Lights
Lighting with stair lights and strip lights for railings greatly improves safety.

Floor Lamps
Floor lamps easily illuminate seating and workspaces.

Dimmers & Timers
To easily control brightness levels according to time or mood, you may wish to consider addingdimmers to newly installed or existing outdoor lighting.

Lighting Options

When choosing fixtures and bulbs for outdoor lighting options, consider energy saving LED options, which use up to 85 percent less energy than incandescents and up to 50 percent less energy than fluorescents. Hate changing outdoor bulbs? LEDs last more than 10 years on average - that's 25 times longer than incandescents and 2-5 times longer than fluorescents.
Another option is for solar lighting. Solar is an excellent choice, converting and storing the sun's energy and coming in a variety of types and uses, including wall-mounted, lamppost, security lights, and lanterns. Be sure to check "nightly run times" on product labeling to ensure you have enough sunlight for operating solar lights in your area.

Ensure Outdoor Lighting is Safe

Adding outdoor lighting to your property can be fun if it's done properly and safely. Some installations may require running underground electrical cables, additional wiring within the walls of your home, the installation of fixtures, proper GFCI outlets, and more. Ensure all outdoor home electrical work is installed properly and safely by a licensed professional, using UL listed, weatherproof, safety compatible materials and devices. Give Plourdes a call so we can schedule with all of the correct materials needed for a safe and happy summer!